Lashing Strap Is a Hit With Funen Haulier

Lashing Strap Is a Hit With Funen Haulier

Poul Schou A/S Saves Two Minutes per Lashing with Ergolash.

The transport company Poul Schou A/S has switched to Danish-developed lashing straps from Ergolash ApS. According to a press release, drivers are happy to be rid of the hassle of pulling frayed ends and long excess lashings through the ratchet slots. Now they can lash and secure goods faster by swiping the lashings into the modern Ergolash ratchets, where the rest of the lashing can remain coiled. Management at Poul Schou notes that the overall economy of Ergolash lashings is better than with traditional lashings.

- After all, fast and efficient transport is what we live by at Poul Schou A/S," says haulage contractor Poul Henrik Schou. He is the top manager of Poul Schou A/S, which was founded by his grandfather in 1940.

- We look at both safety and economy when we choose lashing products. It is important for us to take good care of our employees and the people around our trucks, as we carry heavy and dangerous goods. We use the lashing product from Ergolash because we think it is a really good and safe product that saves us time every day. The overall economy is better because it lasts much better than all the other products on the market and because they are time-saving," says Poul Henrik Schou.

He employs a total of 180 people who, with a fleet of 100 cars and crane trucks, transport everything from groceries for REMA to construction materials, sailboats, containers and waste.

2 Minutes Saved per Lashing

One of the 180 employees of the haulage company is Søren Pedersen. He has been driving a crane truck for 13 years at Poul Schou A/S. His work mostly involves transporting large goods to recipients in Denmark, which have to be load-secured according to all the rules of the trade.

- On a normal day, I probably tighten 8 to 10 straps, and I save a lot of time by being able to "swipe" the straps into the ratchet. With the new solution from Ergolash, I save at least 2 minutes per lashing because I "swipe" the straps into ratchet instead of putting them into a slot like I did with the old type of strap. Frayed ends on the strap don't matter because you can "swipe" the strap into the ratchet," says Søren Pedersen.

A Good Investment

Thomas Frostgaard is operations manager at Poul Schou A/S, and he concludes that the Ergolash products are overall a good and sustainable investment for the company, because price and quality go hand in hand:

- Ergolash is a cheaper solution in the long run, even though the purchase price is slightly higher than for other lashing straps. This is simply because drivers save time every day when they lash with Ergolash instead of traditional lashing solutions," says Thomas Frostgaard.

Every year, the employees of the haulage company Poul Schou A/S use more than 400 lashing straps when their fleet of crane trucks and block trailers transports machinery, waste, recycling and raw materials and shipping containers or perform shredding and helicopter service tasks. /anga.