Invented in Denmark 🇩🇰. ERGOLASH® re-innovates the 50-year-old ratchet so everyone using lashing straps all over the world can enjoy a new and effortless way to load-secure.

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  • Easy

    The clever swipe function on the ERGOLASH lashing straps allows you to easily get the strap/webbing through the ratchet. You won't have to drag the entire webbing through the ratchet, as you can easily slide it in through the side. Easy and super simple!

  • Quick

    With ERGOLASH lashing straps, you can latch your goods in record time. The clever swipe function allows you to save 35% on your lashing time!

    It is no longer necessary to pull the entire strap through the ratchet - all you need to do is swipe it through the side.

    By using ERGOLASH lashing straps, you can save precious time.

  • Safe

    ERGOLASH produces lashing straps with focus on both quality and durability. The ratchet has been hardened through a special process that increases the strength of the ratchet. Our lashing straps are produced by a manufacturer with many years of experience. They supply their customers with lashing products in high quality

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Cost Reduction with ERGOLASH®

Reach return on investment at only 13 lashings with Ergolash.

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50-Year-Old Product Has Been Re-Invented

We incorporated a simple idea into the already existing ratchet.

We have forged a new custom-designed, high-alloy, hardened half-open ratchet shaft (1), strengtened ratchet wheels (2), and optimised the handles (3)

Certified by TÜV

ERGOLASH® complies with all applicable standards and norms (EN 12195-2) and is tested and certified by TÜV

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Exclusive Global Agreement with Miao Run Sen

ERGOLASH and Miao Run Sen has signed an exclusive global agreement on the production, supply and distribution of ERGOLASH® patented products.

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