Westers Group Makes Their Time More Efficient With ERGOLASH

Westers Group Makes Their Time More Efficient With ERGOLASH

One company that has realised the benefits of the Ergolash lashing strap is Westers Group TA AB. Since the launch of the innovative lashing strap on the Swedish market a little over a year ago, Westers Group TA has purchased nearly 30 Ergolash lashing straps that are used on a daily basis. We asked them how they feel that working with load tensioning has changed.

The holding company Westers Group AB has been in existence since 2012 and the subsidiary Westers Group TA focuses on traffic devices. As a full-service supplier, they are involved in contractors' processes from calculation and preparation of traffic device plans to execution, daily supervision and resetting before final inspection when they take the last signs home.

Saving Time With Ergolash

Nicole Wester, Marketing Manager at Westers Group TA, says that they became aware of Ergolash about a year ago - when the product was launched at Abkati and on the Swedish market.

- Our CEO Klarre Ahlin Wester peeked into Abkati's salesman's tailgate when he was passing by and saw Ergolash. After squeezing and feeling the product a bit, we ended up becoming a daily user of Ergolash.

They have purchased nearly 30 Ergolash lashing straps to date and are very pleased with the product, which they describe as both smooth, easy to use and time-saving.

- Compared to traditional ratchet straps, the time savings with Ergolash are impressive," says Nicole Wester. "Inserting the strap from the side in the ratchet instead of inserting the strap the usual way and then feeding through a whole strap... this makes Ergolash much smoother and more manageable than traditional ratchets!"

Nicole Wester talks about the comments she has received from employees who use the product on a daily basis.

- Overall, they are very happy with the product. For us who have production out in the field where a lot of material needs to be secured daily, Ergolash is a truly efficiency-enhancing product that makes the process of loading and unloading goods easier and faster.

Source: Abkati.se